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“ Yoga Kids ” in Molitor

  • October 13th

    A month imagined for kids with a program based on weel-being, relaxation, chills and fun to share with them.

    OCTOBER 13th
    Come to share a real moment of relaxation and tenderness
    with your kids during a yoga workshop.

    10:30 am Parent / Child Yoga Session
    11:15 am Tasting smoothies & healthy products
    11.30 am Molitor visit for the adults and "Memory Toofruit" workshop for the little ones

    Price: 40 € for two
    Reservation required with our partner by email, please click  > HERE <

    During our Sunday brunch, our animation team takes care of your child around thematic workshops.

    This month is thrilling before Halloween:
    October 07th: prepare your Hogwarts invitation card
    October 14th: Harry Potter will be among us ....
    October 21th: Potions and jars of horror has declined to infinity!
    October 28th: ??little monsters in madness

    Brunch price: 75 € - with a glass of Champagne
    Information and reservation on 01 56 07 08 50

    Thanks to our partners for these events (click on their names to find out more)

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