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Illustration d'arrière plan

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  • October 2018

    Every month, the Brasserie Urbaine of Molitor propose you a musical programmation by Katty Booking agency.

    We are happy to launch every wednesday, our Live with musicians and singer.

    Here the programmation:

    Thursday, October 04th : Gabin Nogueira
    Friday, October 05th : Julien Jourvil
    Saturday, October 06th : Katty Tinkerbell

    > LIVE Wednesday, October 10th  : Amoria & jok’a'face
    Thursday, October 11th :  Yo-one Sutter
    Friday, October 12th : Katty Tinkerbell
    Saturday, October 13th : Julien Jourvil

    > LIVE Wednesday, October 17th  : Quinze
    Thursday, October 18th : Stone Van Brooken
    Friday, October 19th: Julien Jourvil
    Samedi 20 octobre : Katty Tinkerbell

    > LIVE Wednesday, October 24th : Lionel Bocara
    Thursday, October 25th : San Loco
    Friday, October 26th : Julien Jourvil
    Saturday, October 27th : Katty Tinkerbell

    > LIVE Wednesday, October 31th : Ortale

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