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Katre is back !

  • November 2018

    Since 1989, urban artists have succeeded one another in Molitor, building the underground fame of the
    "paquebot blanc".

    Katre is one of those artists who grew up with Molitor. He started graffiti in Paris in 1993
    in parallel with his studies of plastic arts. Passionate about wastelands and abandonned spaces, he devotes 
    his master of plastic art in 2003 to the MOLITOR pool in Paris. 
    Pursuing  year after year a plastic and photographic work based on the representation of the street-art with
    disused places and explosive lettering.

    Today he returns to Molitor with a series of photographs taken in the end of nineties.

    Exhibited in the lobby until the end of November, it's a really dive in time !

    Price on demand:

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