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  • December 31st, 2018

    Molitor 's New Year this year will be under the sign of the 30s. Faithful to our history, it will be the occasion of a plunge back into the roaring twenties with a hint of prohibition!

    Yum side ...
    The Chef offers a 7-course gourmet menu:
    Appetizer: lobster from our poached ribs, iodized juice, orange in condiment, vegetable leaves
    To start: Seared duck foie gras, clementine and yuzu caramel, bread melba AND langoustine, buckwheat celery and green apple juice, infusion of coriander
    We continue with the sole steam, hazelnut and cauliflower cream, caviar osciètre
    it's not over with stuffed pigeon, salsify with truffle juice
    To refresh yourself: iced citrus fruit scented with Japan and its crispy tile
    Bye 2018 with the sweet biscuit with almonds, yuko confit and creamy meringue chewable.

    Price 195 € per person
    Included: 1 glass of champagne as an aperitif, mineral water and coffee.
    Not included: drinks and wines

    Side festivity ...
    During your dinner and until the end of the night, our DJs concocted a programming in agreement!
    The two pools will remain open all night!

    The next day...
    The brunch will be festive too: foie gras, smoked salmon, seafood and other wonders proposed by the Chef.
    Price: 85 € with a glass of champagne.

    With this program 2019 can only start well!

    To reserve: 01 56 07 08 50

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