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Illustration d'arrière plan
Illustration d'arrière plan

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Art in the summer pool

  • January - February 2019

    Molitor x Quintessenz

    Sylvia Randazzo, Artistic Director of Molitor, has called on the German duo, Quintessenz, to imagine a giant art of piece in the summer pool, at the center of Molitor.

    Quintessenz's work takes the codes of art deco: geometry, order and color so representative of the architecture of Molitor. To this, the German duo adds a precious element: the movement.
    Thus a structure all in color and material literally takes life under the effect of a light breeze.
    Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, founders of Quintessenz, are largely inspired by the history and architecture of Molitor. The challenge for them was to capture the soul and heart of this iconic place with this exceptional installation of 29 panels comprising 15 different colors over 7 meters long.

    About Quintessenz:
    Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, from Hanover and Berlin, form Quintessenz. Students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hildesheim, they have come up with a unique and incomparable style. With its roots in graffiti culture, graphic design and chromatic, Quintessenz combines painting, moving image and installation.
    Space is the primary inspiration of Quintessenz. Their work not only uses forms and patterns found in architecture, but also combines with the environment, changing the perception of viewers. In public spaces as in galleries, their abstract work has one thing in common: color creates a new space.

    About Art in Molitor: feel free to CLICK HERE to read more information

    The Quintessenz facility will be visible in Molitor from December 10 to February 28, 2019.
    Free entry.

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