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Tina Tictine Exhibition

  • From Friday, february 22th to Tuesday, marcht 12th,2019

    Sylvia Randazzo, Molitor Artistic Director proposes a new exhibition "Serendipidty" by the artist Tina Tictone from 22nd of February to the 12th of March at Club House.

    Serendipity is the fact to discover in an unexpected way a subject which was not the goal at the beginning.

    Tina Tictone get used to doing illustration and frescoes therefore starts this series of minimalist canvases on the theme of serendipity. Bohemian rhapsody, Billie Jean ... each work has a song title that inspired its composition, its colors. The artist wants to keep a close link between his two artistic practices, painting and music, which respond to each other's different projects.

    About the artist:
    Under the name of Tina Tictone, hides a multifaceted artist, both a singer-songwriter and an illustrator.
    Born in the Basque Country, having grown up between the roaring waves and the rhythm of soul and blues.Tournées, residences, she will have the pleasure of singing on mythical scenes like the Cicada during the 10 years of her dive into music.

    Passionate about art, she decides in parallel to pass a diploma in graphic design. she draws, cuts, manufactures, cogit, imagines and undoes to redo everything ... She develops a unique universe based on graphic prints in pop colors.

    It will then be regularly solicited by renowned brands for multiple collaborations.

    Passionate about creation and looking for a challenge, this year she was entrusted with the global artistic direction of Daytime Paris, specialized in contemporary luxury furniture. Founder and organizer of festivals in Paris, she is also very involved in street-art. She produces "murals" artistic aerosol paintings on facades sometimes up to 9 meters high.

    Her influences are multiple, from Dan Flavin's minimalism to Miro's fantasy to Memphis movement, she likes to juggle mediums while asserting a style all her own. Each of his works has a song title, bridge between his career as a musician and painter.

    Today, Tina exhibits her work at the Molitor Pool for her first solo show.

    Visits only by appointment:

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