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Tea time

  • Spring pastries

    It's spring, let's play together!

    The dessert menu of our Pastry Chief Antoine Bouchard leaves quietly winter to welcome spring.

    The sweetness is adorned with pop colors, while textures and flavors intertwine to the delight of the taste buds.

    Each season, the Chef changes his creations to propose a new taste experience:

    Immaculate, the finger plays the map of vanilla jostled by the muscovado.

    Japonese, the cheesecake invites two fruits still little known in France, yuko and iyokan.

    Exotic, the crisp sphere, all of shinny yellow, awakens our senses with the association of coconut and passion.

    Revisited, the bourdaloue pie will surprise you. 

    Ultra greedy, the hazel chocolate nun of Piedmont will everyone agree.

    Pastries are available:
    - on the menu at the the Brasserie Urbaine for lunch and dinner
    - Afternoon tea from 4pm to 6pm 

    Booking recommended: 01 56 07 08 50


    Pics by Vincent Rochette

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