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It's YogaKids time in Molitor

  • Our yoga session come back

    The great nanny of Nannyplease are created an anwsome Sunday just for you and your familly.  
    Take full advantages of this afternoon to share a tenderness and chill moment with your kid.  

    13th April program : 

    3.30pm to 5pm : For kids, gardenning workshop
    3.30pm to 5pm : For parents, Tea Time

    Tariff : 40€
    Booking essential HERE

    14th April program :
    3pm to 4pm : Parent/Baby yoga session
    4pm to 5 pm : for babies, wakefullness and motricity workshop
    4pm to 5pm : For parents, Tea Time 

    Tariff : 42€
    Booking essential HERE

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