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Extraction - Nebay

  • Molitor receive the urban artist for a solo show

    Norilsk, Russia. Last city before North Pole. 

    In 2019, Nebay spends few days. The Nickel mine, near to the city, hollow hypnotic circles. This gaping holes leads us to the earth depth. In this place, just one goals : the extraction. 
    This universe inspire the artist. 

    As a digger, he immerse in his own underground world, hollow his own depth, the dark fear is far away from him. In each foray, colors spurt out, the vein is discover, extraction can beagin : colors, lignes, thicknesses, writting. 
    As an archeologist, Nebay hollow his canvas thought the memory of a gestures, of a style ; thanks to the treasure of his past, the artist can always evolved. 

    That works give life to double canvas : the area is clear, the features are fre, organized and vivid. In profundity, colors are bright and luminous and the lettering is a wink to the youthfulness graffiti of the artist. The sober of the first canva reveals the energy of the second one. The artist extract of his past his own present. 

    Exposition from April 26 to May 20, 2019
    In the Moltor's lobby
    Free access, without reservation

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