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Madame's Mural

  • Tribute to Simonne Mathieu

    From an actress and scenographer formation, Madame very quickly turned toward plastic art, sculpture, painting and collage.
    Using her passion for old material (paper, wood, iron, tissues) she deconstructs the old iconography to make it more relevant in the modern world.
    By building her work around text and picture collage, she creates “little stages” in 3D. For her street work, she transposes these stages on the walls. 
    Streets become an open sky museum and an open sky theater. 
    A transposition from a private stage to the public look which reminds the truly essence of theater and representation. 
    Simonne Mathieu (1908 -1980)
    Simonne Mathieu was a French tennis woman and resistant. 
    In 1938 and 1939, she won Roland Garros women’s singles. The cup released to the winners of women’s doubles bears her name. 
    Her thirteen Grand Slam titles (two in singles, nine in doubles and two in mixed doubles) make her France’s second most successful female tennis player ever, after Suzanne Lenglen.
    In June, 1940, she joined the General De Gaulle in London and hired the Women’s Volontary Service. The same year, she created and trained the “Corps des Volontaires Féminines Françaises”, an auxiliary corps of French female volunteers. Simonne Mathieu left the war as Captain.

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