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Molitor Rooftop Festival #3

  • 28th, 29th and 30th June

    The Molitor Rooftop Festival is back for the 3rd edition!
    Music for 3 days, sun, rooftop and dj sets & Live of madness in partnership with DJ Katty Booking agency.

    The festivities will begin Friday, June 28 from 18h ...

    Friday, June 28 from 18h to 00h
    Dj Katty Tinkerbell
    + Live Bossa Nova By Emiliah Quartet

    Saturday, June 29 from 16h to 00h
    Dj Julien Jourvil
    Dj Katty Tinkerbell
    + Live Musica Cubana By Ruta Havana

    Sunday, June 30 From 15h to 00h
    Curtis Leon / Fabrice Giordano / Gabin Nogueira / Goudman / Dj Jacks / DJ James / Jeremy Myers / Kashovski / DJ Kiss / Dj Lbr / DJ Livoo / Ludo Di Lucci / Nfrtiti / Olivier Bentley / Peter Pan's / Steven Van Der Berg / Stone Van Brooken / Ted Fee / Toni Vegas / Yo-One Sutter / Young Pulse
    + Live Saxo By Laurent Sax

    RDV on Molitor RoofTop
    6 avenue de la Porte Molitor
    75016 Paris
    FREE ENTRANCE for the solarium

    Possibility of lunch before or dinner during,
    on the other hand INDISPENSABLE Reservation: - 01 56 07 08 50

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