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Bestiary exhibition

  • Antoine Gamard, Marko93, Mosko, Stom500 and Tim Marsh

    From the Lascaux caves to Louise Bourgeois, crossing centuries and painters (Bruegel, Dürer, Raphael, Delacroix, Gustave Doré), animal art has always been present in the history of art. Classic subject, scenes of violence, metaphor of man: animals fascinate, frighten and fascinate. 

    What about in the 21st century? 
    Molitor proposes a contemporary and urban bestiary bringing together five artists with styles as different as complementary. 
    Antoine Gamard's graffiti recounts the beautiful, sad and dramatic history of the metropolis. They are as wild as the animals they are around. For Antoine Gamard, they are the essential antidote to our excesses of civilization. In his poetic representations of ghost animals, the urban environment becomes abstract. A fragile-precarious world is revealed where graffiti is opposed to nature. Opposition facade since these two elements have in common the ephemeral nature of their essences. 

    From his beginnings in graffiti, Marko93 has kept the vitality of the line, the speed of the gesture. the latter takes the step, in his paintings, on reading, to become the true purpose of the work. Fauves and felines are drawn under the bright colors and the coulures, peculiar to the aestheticism graffiti. 

    Master of the animal stencil, Mosko comes to adorn the urban walls since 1989. His work, colorful and realistic, The artist develops during residences around the globe, which come to enrich his technique. 

    With a predilection for animal themes that, under the veneer of humor, carry a relevant message, often of a humanistic or ecological nature, Stom500 cultivates a delirious and humorous universe fed by the euphoric energy of cartoons. 

    By composing his works on the basis of complex and dynamic forms, patterns and geometric lines, Tim Marsh recounts his childhood memories through the kinetic and playful representations of iconic animals. 

    From September 13 to November 6 - Free visit in the hotel lobby 
    Molitor - 13 rue Nungesser and Coli, 75016 Paris 
    Metro: Line 9 - Porte d'Auteuil / Line 10 Michelange Molitor 


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