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  • 8 OF MARCH - 12H

    Women's rights are celebrated every March 8, at Molitor, we will not depart from tradition. That day we are planning a program that puts women in the spotlight!

    Package "After the effort the comfort!" "
    Meet at 12 noon to start the day with an hour-long floor bar lesson led by Mickael Lafon, dancer at the Paris Opera.
    And then make way for delight with the brunch imagined by Inès Ouazine and Florence Grullemans. Both officiate within the Molitor Brigade and have imagined a brunch in tribute to women: delicious and surprising!

    Finally, after having awakened your taste buds, Sylvia Randazzo, Artistic Director of Molitor, offers a meeting with Amélie Lengrand. The contemporary visual artist is behind Iris, the colorful faceted ball that overlooks the summer pool. The opportunity to share in privacy about her work.

    And for those who book a Spa treatment for that day, Clarins is happy to offer you a lipstick.

    Prices and hours:
    Sport and brunch package "after exercise comfort" - 120 euros
    Brunch only - 75 euros

    Reservation by phone on +33 1 56 07 08 80

    Meeting with Amélie Lengrand - meeting at 3 p.m. at reception - free entry

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