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Molitor Brunch

  • every Sundays

    What's new ?
    A redesigned menu for more greed and generosity
    A touch of Brasserie for authenticity
    Sweet pastries by Chef Louise Riot

    Salad bar, selection of starters and hot dishes, French toast on demand, our custom-made eggs casserole, our farandole of desserts...
    the menu is tempting, you just have to come and discover it!

    Price : Buffet at 95€ per adult and children from 12 years old.
    45€ for children from 5 to 12 years old
    Free for 0 - 4 years old (within the limit of one child per adult)

    About the Brasserie 
    The Brasserie Molitor since its renewal in 2020 cultivates an authentic approach to French cuisine. The Chef signs a traditional menu delicately shaken up by his modern approach. Season after season, the choice of short circuits, French and organic, gives his menu and his products an exceptional quality.

    Pushing open the doors of the Molitor Brasserie is like taking a gamble on rediscovering flavors, dishes and textures from the collective unconscious or childhood memories. The Chef offers a bold and traditional menu.

    On the gourmet side, Louise Riot, pastry chef, advocates the desugared, the simplicity and the greediness. She researches, is inspired and innovates to be as close as possible to the product, to use it in all its complexity and to sublimate it.

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