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Remi Rough "Sound Pigments"

  • Exhibition starting september 7th 2017 at the Villa Molitor

    The Villa Molitor hosts starting september 7th an exhibition from artist Remi Rough.

    Remi Rough is a London based artist and a founder member of the Graffuturism.

    “My whole life is about my work, my painting and my art but somewhere in between those stolen moments are sounds, whether it is music or the sounds that surround us all every day.
    Nothing is silent. For my residency at Villa Molitor I am creating a new body of artworks that correlate directly to sound. Acclaimed musician Mike Ladd will provide the soundtrack to accompany the show and the viewers / listeners will have an intimate opportunity to put these two disciplines into context.” Remi Rough

    Mike Ladd is originally from Boston but now lives in Paris and continues to push boundaries with his music. 

    Exhibition from 7th september to 21st october 2017.

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