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  • Exhibition by Soo Burnell

    Near the poolside, the artist Soo Burnell draws her inspiration from the silence of the pools. The Scottish photographer develops since 20 years an artistic practice made of the architecture’s poetry and the characters loneliness. She was influenced by the American filmmaker Wes Anderson. Like him, she composes her images with pastel colors as great canvases where the buildings are the protagonists of a story she tells.

    “ The high ceilings, the canopies, the symmetry, the geometry, the tiles... all this reflected in the still water. Beyond the architecture, there is a lot of nostalgia in these preserved spaces. ”

    In 2018, Soo Burnell has presented her latest collection entitled Poolside in which she explores the hypnotic atmosphere of those old public baths in Edinburgh, her city of birth. Within these huge Victorian structures, vintage-like swimmers look lost, contemplative... The very same year, the photographer head on a trip all across Europe, seeking Belle Époque pools. Among them is Molitor with its unique architecture and rousing colors that moved her deeply.

    The "To the Water" exhibition invites you to discover the photographs taken in Molitor, and the atmospheres of the most beautiful swimming pools in Europe through the eye of the photographer Soo Burnell.

    About the artist:
    Soo Burnell is an Edinburgh based photographer who has worked in various fields of photography over the last 20 years. The current collection titled ‘poolside’, is an ongoing project which focuses on her passion for architecture and swimming pools.
    Soo has captured the architecture of many historic swimming pools, highlighting the striking geometry, dramatic proportions and dreamy colour palette of each space. Focused on careful composition with the inclusion of figures to scale the architecture. The effect is minimal and restrained yet also dynamic in proportion and detail, as Soo offers a mesmerising glimpse into these ‘hidden’ spaces.

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