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  • Molitor Festival 2022

    For music lovers...

    In 2019 the first album was released with the magnificent Claire Laffut, Barbara Pravi, Yseult, then in 2021 the second one with notably Emma Peters, Clou, Alexia Gredy....

    In 2022, Molitor continues to write its musical history with the release of its third album. For this new opus, 12 female artists have written exclusive, pop, sensual and bewitching tracks to celebrate summer. The tracking list will only be revealed on June 6.

    In the meantime, two artists from the previous volumes will meet from the rooftop of Molitor to give an exclusive concert on May 20: Emma Peters and Ehla. The musical season with concerts and dj sets will be launched on their bewitching voices

    All the tracks - Molitor volume 3 - will be available from July 8 on all the usual streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music...).


    May 20: Emma Peters & Ehla 
    June 3
    June 24 - to be announced
    July 8
    September 2

    DJ SET:

    May 13 : Emma Bonneaud 
    June 10:  Rebequita 
    June 21: Yuko Kakizawa
    July 1: Nadia Keira 
    August 26 : Banga - ANNULE
    September 9: Tatie Dee BOOK HERE

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