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  • 1st of October

    This is an anniversary edition, as Nuit Blanche will celebrate its 20th anniversary: an important moment for the City of Paris and for this world-renowned event, which should be celebrated as it should be with the public.

    Kitty Hartl has been appointed Artistic Director of Nuit Blanche 2022 and will propose a contemporary and free interpretation of Jerome Bosch's Garden of Delights.

    The indoor pool of Molitor will be immersed in a poetic, surreal and festive atmosphere thanks to the American artist Annie Sperling who has created for the event: "A Swing for Molitor".
    Annie Sperling is an American artist and art director.  She has collaborated with David LaChapelle and works with great pop culture figures such as Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga or Travis Scott.

    "A Swing for Molitor" is a show imagined as a work of art: video mapping, sound and light, performance by Kitten de Ville, world star of burlesque. 
    The spectator will be immersed in this contemporary and lively incarnation of the Garden of Delights in which the performer will swing from a trapeze suspended above the water, swinging her silhouette wrapped in colors.

    The show is realized in partnership with the city of Paris and with the generous support of Panasonic.

    Music by Mason Rothschild.
    Video by Jacob Mendel and animation by Paul Rosas 
    Liquid Light Show: Mad Alchemy by Lance Gordon 

    Practical information: 
    Free entrance - no reservation required

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