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Molitor's movie theater

  • Halloween 2022

    After a first successful experience, Molitor is relaunching its night of horror on Monday, October 31 for Halloween. 

    In one of its reception rooms, redecorated and set up as a horror cinema, a program of films that will make young and old alike shiver will be shown. 

    And who says film, says popcorn, a selection of sweets, and drinks will be proposed before and during the film.

    On screen
    5:15pm: Dark Shadows by Tim Burton - All audiences
    9pm: Chucky, Child's Play by Tom Holland - Not for children under 12
    11pm: The Witch by Robert Eggers - Forbidden for children under 12

    15€ for the children's film - under 12 years old
    30€ for adults

    Reservations : 
    Adult ticket HERE
    Child ticket HERE 

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