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  • November 10 - December 11

    Molitor presents a unique exhibition "Portraits of Artists", an opportunity to reflect on the question of identity within urban art and to put those who put their art before their person at the center of their works.
    If the theme of the self-portrait has been studied by some urban artists in the street, the project was a real challenge for the 10 artists participating in the exhibition: Alber, Balder, Does, Jean Faucheur, LeModuleDeZeer, Noty Aroz, Quentin DMR, Shane, Skio and Teurk. 

    All of them let their technique and their imagination run free, not on walls but on canvases previously printed with their own portraits. The idea was not to present academic self-portraits but to let the artists reappropriate their faces and see how each one considers this double identity of the illegal and the legal, the anonymous and the famous, the commercial and the unsaleable.

    Echoing the work of the artists, 2 meetings and discussions will be led by Stéphanie Lemoine and Emmanuelle Dreyfus, both authors of the book "l'art clandestin", which has a definite connection with the subject of the exhibition. Stéphanie Lemoine is a journalist and collaborates notably with L'Œil and Le Journal des Arts. She is interested in the link between art, public space and new technologies and has devoted several books to urban art. Emmanuelle Dreyfus is a freelance journalist specialized in contextual art, live performance and lifestyle. She has been collaborating for several years with Graffiti Art Magazine.
    Opening in presence of the artists on November 9, 2022                                                                           

    Exhibition from November 10 to December 11, 2022

    19/11 - Meeting with Noty Aroz at 2pm
    The interview with the artist will probe the mythologies of the mask in popular cultures and weave links between the practice of graffiti and the practice of anonymity.
    03/12 - Meeting with Jean Faucheur at 2pm
     The meeting will identify the way in which the practice of anonymity practice of anonymity in urban art, between necessity to act under cover to work without and search for visibility and notoriety.

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    13 rue Nungesser et Coli, 75016 Paris

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