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Emily invites herself to Molitor

  • Since its release in 2020, the cult Netflix series "Emily In Paris" tells the adventures of an American girl in Paris and reveals the trendiest places in the capital.
    This year, for the third season, the star Lily Collins (Emily) takes her best friend Ashley Park (Mindy) to Molitor for an afternoon in the sun.
    We discover the two friends on deckchairs drinking a cocktail, chatting and strolling on the beaches of the outdoor pool.
    The scene is a perfect tribute to the Parisian place, so iconic since 1929, and we can see everything that makes its charm: the portholes, the blue cabins, the art deco architecture, the avant-garde and festive atmosphere ....

    Today, Molitor is no longer "just a swimming pool" but a hotel establishment where you can experience Paris differently. Much more than a hotel, it is a multi-faceted place to live that brings together a Parisian, French and international clientele around wellness, sports, artistic and culinary experiences. Whether you are alone, a couple, a family, with friends or for team building, Molitor surprises, creates memories and adapts to all rhythms and desires.

    Discover Emily's never-before-seen photos at Molitor and watch it on December 21 on Netflix


    For any further information: +33 01 56 07 08 50

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