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Katre's exhibition

  • From january, 26th

    Through the personal exhibition "Mémoire Vive" and its installation in the outdoor pool, the artist Katre signs his return to Molitor.

    A Parisian artist, Katre began graffiti in the early 1990s. Very quickly fascinated by vacant lots and abandoned spaces, the artist developed a reflection on the occupation of territories in urban areas. 

    This is how he discovered the Molitor swimming pool at the same time and devoted his master's degree in plastic arts to it in 2001.
    This reflection is based on the architecture of the place, a photographic work and painting. In the studio, he silkscreened his black and white photographs on canvas and then painted a brightly colored letter - often the letter K in his name - that could be likened to explosive strokes intimately linked to a sensation of speed. 
    The final work, complex, is characterized by a dynamic and contrasted composition, the flashes of colors merging with the real rubble and metal bars of the photographed places.

    In the context of the "Mémoire Vive" exhibition, Molitor is the subject of this approach that is both documentary and artistic.  
    The works presented and gathered for the occasion are based on photos taken by the artist during the period when the Molitor swimming pools were abandoned. 
    The photographs, enhanced by fictitious installations/geometric forms, characteristic of his work, translate his instinctive apprehension of space into masterful images.
    As an extension of the exhibition, the artist invested the facade and the gangways of the outdoor pool of Molitor. 
    With geometric elements, bursts of light and bright colors that are his artistic signature, Katre imposes his style this time in a Molitor that is alive and not abandoned.
    At night, the main elements of the work disappear to reveal luminous and colored flashes, giving a more dreamlike dimension and giving rhythm to the place for a winter.

    Exhibition organised in partnership with Wallworks Gallery from January 27 to March 5, 2023
    Free entry everyday at 13 rue Nungesser et Coli, Paris 16e

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