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The silk-screen printing Molitor by...

  • Olivia de Bona

    Molitor is pleased to announce its new silk-screen print in collaboration with Olivia de Bona. Since 2019, the Parisian establishment has offered a limited edition poster with an artist each year, 2023 signs the fourth edition.
    For this new edition printed in Paris, carte blanche was given to the artist Olivia de Bona, who delivers an original vision of Molitor. The iconic codes of the establishment are revealed: the portholes, the yellow tango, the pool, the idleness on the beaches, the sporty swimmers...
    "In this image, I tried to transcribe all this romantic evocation through the ages, in a cocoon spared from the tumult of noise and time where my characters would have eternity to bask", explains Olivia de Bona.
    A silk-screen print that plunges you into the unique world of Molitor: an iconic place to experience Paris differently.

    On sale at the Molitor boutique: HERE
    Price : 120€ (€)
    Size: 50X 70cm
    Limited edition, numbered and signed to 100 copies

    About Olivia de Bona : 
    After graduating in Applied Arts and Animation in 2005, Olivia de Bona quickly abandoned the digital medium to pursue her interest in traditional craftsmanship. Since then, she has continued to enrich her technical palette to better express her art.
    While Olivia de Bona's technical mastery sublimates her figurative universe, it is in the thematic recurrence and serial presentation that she is more strongly attached to the narrative aspect of her work, thus touching on the story and the intimate. Nature, animals, dreams, the nude, women and hair are all leitmotifs that allow her to structure her artistic mythology and to lose herself in the representation of the material that is so dear to her. Thus, each of his creations can be apprehended in two stages: first comes the emotion aroused by the dreamlike nature of his compositions, then the analysis of the complexity of the details resulting from his monomania of the line.

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