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Illustration d'arrière plan

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The Art of travel

  • Documentary

    Molitor is proud to be featured in the documentary "The Art of Travel" on Amazon Prime. 

    Discover Molitor through the eyes of Seamus Kearney, travel journalist for more than 20 years for numerous international media. Seamus is investigating the Art of French travel. At the beginning of a real transformation of the travel industry, meet these protagonists who are constantly shaking up established codes to better reinvent the travel experience.

    The documentary shows never-before-seen images of Molitor, including the two iconic pools, the Molitor Rooftop and the porthole rooms.

    Discover also the interview of Molitor's General Manager, Grégory Millon, who speaks about the evolution of travel, the position to be taken as a player in the luxury hotel industry and the transformation of the needs of travellers today. 

    Throughout its history, Molitor has managed to preserve its authenticity and its characteristics, which keep the magic of the place alive even today. 

    Molitor is not just a swimming pool and embodies these three words: POOL ART LIFE, which highlight the vision of the establishment to always offer something new. POOL for the pools, ART for the artistic programme and LIFE which represents the moments of life at Molitor. This vision is also that of the Accor group and the MGallery brand.

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