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"Full Storage"

  • by Vanessa Morata

    VANESSA MORATA (Malaga, 1992) is a visual artist who graduated from the Fine Arts School of Malaga and has been painting in oils since the age of 8.
    Aware of the problems posed by the society of massive and abusive consumption, she criticizes these issues in a sibylline way, using a friendly aesthetic that can hide the true meaning of her work. Her favourite themes are related to popular culture.
    culture. She introduces characters from cartoons and contemporary art by staging them in neat interiors. Already presented by ADDA Gallery in Paris in 2021, VANESSA MORATA has since sold out exhibitions in Rome, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

    With the special participation of Yu Maeda

    Yu MAEDA (Kumamoto 1984) is a Japanese artist who arrives as a special guest to complete Vanessa Morata's exhibition.
    Nourished by American cartoons, music and iconography, YU MAEDA focuses his work on more traditional Japanese images, balancing the flavours of East and West while enjoying an exhilarating journey into the world of fine art.

    Exhibition venue: Villa Molitor - 2 avenue de la Porte Molitor - 75016 Paris

    Conditions of reception : 
    Exhibition from 17 June to 1 July 2023 - opening hours from 3pm to 9pm every day

    Contact us at

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