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  • by Levalet

    With the Odyssée exhibition, Levalet revisits the creative process of his urban adventure, which began over three years ago. The characters depicted are all drawn life-size in Indian ink before being cut out and pasted on the streets of Paris, Reims, Marseille and London. 
    This visual narrative could be followed on social networks and led to the publication by Alternatives of the first urban comic book, available during the exhibition organised by the Galerie Joël Knafo.
    From 2 to 11 June, the artist will be presenting works in a wide range of media (installations, drawings, photographs, animations, etc.), as well as site-specific collages and other antics whose attention to detail, willingness to play with context and misappropriation of objects will delight collectors, art lovers and the simply curious.

    About Levalet : 
    Charles Leval, known as Levalet, was born in Epinal in 1988. He grew up in Guadeloupe, where he first came into contact with urban culture and then the visual arts. He went on to study visual arts in Strasbourg, where his work, which at the time focused more on video, drew on his extensive theatrical experience. He took his agrégation in 2012, the year in which his work began to take to the streets of Paris and beyond. In 2013, he began exhibiting in galleries and taking part in international events. 
    Levalet's work is primarily concerned with drawing and installation. He places his characters drawn in Indian ink in public spaces, in a game of visual and semantic dialogue with the present environment. The characters interact with the architecture and unfold in situations often verging on the absurd.

    Gallery contact:

    Exhibition venue: Villa Molitor - 2 avenue de la Porte Molitor - 75016 Paris

    Exhibition conditions : 
    Exhibition from 2 to 11 June 2023 - opening hours from 3pm to 9pm every day

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