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The Legacy NFT Collection

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    For three decades, the name of Molitor has been intimately linked with the history of street art. A temple to the underground in the 1990s and 2000s, when it was abandoned, the establishment developed an ambitious curatorial approach from the moment it reopened in 2014, faithful to the spirit of that period. Molitor has hosted over a hundred works on its walls to tell the story of contemporary urban art and showcase its best artists, including Futura, Does, Nasty, Marko, Astro and Vhils.
    Each year the artistic programme highlights contemporary urban art.

    When it reopened, the 78 cabins in the winter pool were transformed into an urban art gallery.
    In 2023, Molitor is inviting new artists to express themselves on the walls of the winter pool.
    To mark the occasion, Molitor is producing its first series of NFT d'Art based on a selection of 3 cabins currently being demolished, created by well-known artists.

    The physical works of the 3 street artists will be destroyed in 2024, leaving only the digital artworks. Each artist has created a collection of 130 digital works based on his or her urban art work in the Molitor winter swimming pool.
    These 390 digital works will be put on sale and will give access to unusual experiences at the Molitor:
    The Legacy Party on 25 November 2023 (for the 390 collectors)
    A sit-down dinner at the bottom of the pool in 2024 (for 30 collectors selected at random)
    A meeting with the artist (for 3 collectors drawn at random)

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