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glass ceiling

  • Artwork by Lek & Sowat

    Renowned artists Lek & Sowat have transformed the glass roof of Molitor's indoor pool into a monumental work of art called "Glass Ceiling". 
    This bold creation is a perfect example of how contemporary urban art can be integrated into historic architecture to create a visual dialogue, offering visitors a unique artistic experience.
    Glass Ceiling
    "For our work on the lower part of the glass roof of Molitor's covered pool, we chose to draw inspiration from the building's architecture, and in particular the beauty and rhythm of its metal framework. Lek & Sowat
    Lek & Sowat's 'Glass Ceiling' is a visual celebration of the diversity and creativity of urban art, which blends perfectly with the strict lines of the Art Deco architecture. The colours were chosen to echo Molitor's iconic ochre colour and to contrast with the white metal structure and blue sky seen through it. By transforming 500m2 of glass into stained glass, Lek&Sowat have achieved a new tour de force at Molitor.
    For many years, Molitor has been a place where art and history meet in harmony. The artists' cabins lining the indoor pool are a testament to this creative heritage. More than 70 changing cubicles have been meticulously painted by French and international artists, giving life to a museum of contemporary urban art.

    Behind the scenes of the project :
    20 litres of paint
    36 hours of work
    60 coffees and cappuccinos 
    Playlist: Alpha Blondie - Jerusalem / Richard Sanderson - Reality
    An unusual memory to share? "People watching us painting while swimming the backstroke, that was a bit crazy. 

    Visible from 10am to 1pm every Saturday from Saturday 4 November to Saturday 24 February 2024 inclusive.
    By reservation only

    Partner: Pébéo

    About Lek & Sowat 
    Working in tandem since 2010, Lek & Sowat share a taste for Urbex, or urban exploration, a discipline that consists of criss-crossing the city in search of modern ruins. 
    Pushing back the boundaries of traditional graffiti, their site-specific installations bring together architectural abstractions, unstructured typography, ephemeral installations and time-lapse videos. In 2012, the Mausolée project, which saw them organise a wild artistic residency in an abandoned shopping centre in the north of Paris, opened the doors of the Palais de Tokyo to them. Surrounded by around fifty iconic urban artists, Lek & Sowat spent two years creating an experimental exhibition in the building's emergency exits, initiating what would become the Lasco Project. 
    Since then, they have multiplied their projects abroad (India, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Europe...) as well as collaborating with artists from backgrounds as varied as beat poet John Giorno, fashion designers Agnès b and Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Graffiti pioneers Futura, Mode2 and Jonone, and Jacques Villeglé, the precursor of urban art. It was with Villeglé that they created Tracés Directs, the first graffiti work to be included in the Centre Pompidou's permanent collection.
    In 2016, they were the first graffiti artists to join the prestigious Villa Medici in Rome as boarders. In 2018, they were invited by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux to work in the towers of La Rochelle as part of the "Sur les Murs" season, before plunging into the Parisian underground to paint, in collaboration with the company NGE, a tunnel boring machine, the primary tool for building the tunnels of the future Grand Paris metro.

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