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Honet at Villa Molitor

  • Born in 1972 in Paris, where he still works, HONET stands out as amultifaceted artist.  

    Over his twenty-five-year career as a graffiti artist,he has also worked as an illustrator for prestigious brands such as Prada,Lacoste, and Louis Vuitton. Passionate about capturing fleetingmoments and exploring urban curiosities, HONET offers a uniquevision of his world through a variety of images, ranging from naive and unsettling. From April 20th to April 28th, ADDA Gallery Paris presents the exhibition 'Vilapicina' with brand new artworks by HONET. 

    The exhibition delves into the complexity and richness of graffiti through a variety of perspectives. The artworks provide an intimate look at the motivations, process, and consequences of this often misunderstood practice. They evoke a theatrical and carnival-like dimension that connects graffiti to popular art while underscoring its ephemeral nature. Medieval elements further enrich this exploration,suggesting a connection between the human and the divine.

    HONET “ Vilapicina ” 

    Vernissage le samedi 20 avril de 17h à 21h sur inscription 

    Exposition du 21 avril au 28 avril 2024 
    De 15h à 20h. 
    Entrée libre. 

     Adda Gallery - Villa Molitor 
    2, avenue de la Porte Molitor 
    75016 Paris