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RoofTop Molitor Closing Party

  • Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September

    Last days to enjoy our rooftop this year...
    Scheduled this weekend for our closing party:

    Discover our new "Molitor History X", our NEWEST signature cocktail !
    Mechoui partu with Chef Mercier & his team to share a friendly moment on our rooftop! - Dj's & Sound design agency will be there as usual with their Dj's!  

    Line Up:
    > Friday x Pee Wee Aka Fredelux & Katty Tinkerbell x 18h/00h
    > Saturday x Malrow & Kashovski x 18h/00h

    You rather have a drink or diner in a  a cosy atmosphere, or you're a bit skittish...
    No problem, our Brasserie Urbaine preped up a few thinkgs for you!

    Discover our new cocktail menu created by Baptiste & his team, around forgotten alcohols with of course our signature "Molitor History X"!

    Katty & her Dj’s will also be there ! 

    Line Up:
    > Friday x Doumëa & Curtis Leon x 18h/1h
    > Saturday x Philippe Coste & Katty Tinkerbell x 18h/1h

    Infos :
    For a drink & snack, free access.
    For a diner, reservation highly recommended at 01 56 07 08 50

    Access :
    >> Rooftop Molitor
    6 avenue de la porte Molitor (- PARIS XVI -)

    >> Brasserie Urbaine Molitor
    10 avenue de la porte Molitor (- PARIS XVI -)

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