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  • Exhibition of Monsieur Chat 20th october - 15th november

    A big smile, laughing eyes and a yellow fur through the city grey, Chat is more than just a simple graffiti.
    This yellow cat is the work of Thoma Vuille, franco-swiss street artist internationnaly reknown. Thoma uses the street and public environment as a canvas to share this feeling with the people.
    Monsieur Chat is everywhere. Parisians can see this “largely smiling cat” in a street, on a rooftop, an electrical terminal, he became a famous figure.

    After doing one of the blue cabins at Molitor, Monsieur Chat comes back for an exhibition tribute to the cartoons we loved where we were kids, and to the big figures of Contemporary Art.
    His work is a manifestation of goodwill, a poetic proposition open to the world. He evokes Lewis Carrol’s grinning cat by its enigmatic and fascinating character.

    Chat ronronne, Chat icône, Chat cartoon !

    Exhibition from 20th october to 15th november 2017
    13 Rue Nungesser et Coli - 75016 Paris

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