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    Christmas at Molitor, between exoticism and Art deco...

    Florian Eude, Head Pastry at Molitor offers an exotic yule log, tasty and greedy.
    Passionate about Molitor’s heritage, he was inspired by its famous rotor, Historical Monument, and by the Art deco era.

    A yule log with distinctive flavors: Coco & lemongrass, seasoned with vanilla.

    On a crunchy core puffed rice: coco biscuit, lemongrass cream, vanilla / lemongrass mousse and coco whipped cream balls overlap for an explosion of exotic savors. A caramel icing holds everything in perfect harmony.

    A majestic glass roof made of sugar representing Molitor’s rotor, so Art déco, transcends the yule log and pays tribute to Lucien Pollet, architect of this institution that came to life in 1929.

    The Molitor yule log 2017 is the very image of the Art deco constructions, a unique piece, a mix between art and craftsmanship. 


    Price: 70€
    Limited edition
    Upon order and to go

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