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December in music

  • Bar & Brasserie Urbaine - Dj sets

    In this holiday time, the Urban Brasserie and Bar Molitor offers a fine selection of dj sets every weekend :

    Friday 01 December KATTY TINKERBELL
    Saturday 02 December NICOLAS MONIER

    Thursday 07 December PETER PANS
    Friday 08 December KATTY TINKERBELL
    Saturday 09 December DOUMËA

    Thursday 14 December KASHOVSKI
    Friday 15 December SUPA JU
    Saturday 16 December KATTY TINKERBELL

    Thursday 21 December DJ RLP
    Friday 22 December KATTY TINKERBELL
    Saturday 23 December SUPA JU

    Thursday 28 December KATTY TINKERBELL
    Friday 29 December LUDO DI LUCCI
    Saturday 30 December TIN

    Sunday 31 December TED FEE

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