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Molitor Rooftop festival

  • Saturday, June 23th and Sunday, June 24th 2018

    Summer is finally here, our rooftop is open, let's celebrate !

    Molitor organise during two days its first music festival with djs, bossa nova band, saxo live, sun and cocktail on the rooftop.

    Saturday, June 23th 2018 - from 3pm to midnight
    Julien Jourvil
    Dj Livoo
    Nicolas Monier
    & Guests
    With a bossa nova live by Nosse Trio

    Sunday, June 24th 2018 -  from 2pm to midnight
    Curtis Leon / Fabrice Giordano / Gabin Nogueira /Kashovski /Katty Tinkerbell / Ludo Di Lucci / Nfrtiti / Olivier Bentley / Rlp /San Loco / Stone Van Broken / Ted Fee / Yo-One Sutter / & Guests

    + Live Sax By Petit Jean

    Free entrance on Solarium
    But for lunch and diner, reservation is 
    Pour se faire : 01 56 07 08 50