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Cubicles of the indoor pool

  • Originally, the cubicles that line the indoor pool afforded swimmers the necessary privacy to undress; swapping a city suit for a bathing suit. The cubicle was the place where swimmers disrobed before diving into the big pool.’

    But then the City of Paris closed the doors of the Molitor Pool. The place has become a spot known and recognised by graffiti artists for its extraordinary character; painting in the open air in the empty 46- and 33-metre-long pools; and so many nooks and crannies to set up shop. For nearly 20 years, Molitor was a huge open-air studio for spray paint artists.

  • These days it is no longer swimmers who reveal themselves in the cubicles, but artists. Every one of the 78 cubicles surrounding the indoor pool has been taken over by an artist, from floor to ceiling, in order to produce a huge gallery of contemporary urban art.

    In cubicle No. 166 discover the joyful universe of street art characters called Gouzous, by Jace, and the malicious presence of cartoon cat, Monsieur Chat in cubicle No. 188. Interact with Collectif 9ième concept’s art stickers Francs Colleurs; snap one of the walls of Marko93’s cubicle No. 114 to reveal what lies hidden there; let yourself be carried away by the poetry of Mademoiselle Maurice‘s origami at No. 40. So many artists and experiences to discover, so little time...

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  • Les cabines du Molitor

  • Les cabines du Molitor