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  • Illustration de Stom500

    Stom, nickname from his first name Thomas, and 500 for the 500mg of aspirin that must take this happy migrainerer to keep pace with his projects.
    Stom500 cultivates a delirious and humorous universe fed by the euphoric energy of cartoons, with a predilection for the animal themes which, under the veneer of humor, carry a relevant message with humanist or ecological goal. 
    Initiated to urban culture by the Parisians of the 9th Concept and his meeting with Jerk 45, member of the Downtown collective and the JPP crew for four years, Stom500 graffed walls full of details in many cities through France and Europe. While waiting to go around the world to affix his paw as truculent as extravagant, suffused with a very particular personality, Stom500 stops in Paris for one of his rare exhibitions outside his headquarters in Strasbourg - whose premiere, "This is Pshit", was held in 2012. So be ready to hang on: the Stom tornado will take your breath away.

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