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  • Illustration de Alber

    He discovered graffiti at 15 yo and adopted it for its rebellious and transgressive side, associated with the rap he listened in a loop. He chose the alias ALBER, his grandfather’s name without the T, for an identity legible and personal. An identity that he affirmed by imagining later a character at once evolutive and identifiable that he paints on any support that offers him the street. ALBER likes this confrontation with the forbidden, with the risk, inherent in street art; but also the meeting between his work and passers-by, diverse audiences, curious or not, who cross his character.
    ALBER walks his enigmatic character, colorful, from wall to door, cloth palisade. He makes him cross borders and cultures, creating the same enthusiasm, and keeping intact his passion for an art that always gives him the same thrill between secrecy and recognition.

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