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4 handed dinner

  • Martin Simolka X Mohamed Cheikh

    Molitor and its Chef Martin Simolka are pleased to invite Chef Mohamed Cheikh to the Brasserie's kitchens for an exclusive 4-handed dinner on January 18 & 19th of 2023.

    The two Chefs met in the kitchens of the Shangri La in 2012 and they are meeting again for a second time on the occasion of this unique collaboration.

    While the first is at the head of the Brasserie Molitor since 2020 and advocates an authentic cuisine shaken by a certain audacity, the second multiplies residencies and experiences by traveling the world with his solar and ultra gourmet cuisine.

    For this 5-course menu around seafood, technique and creativity are the key words.
    On the plate, we find langoustine and its citrus bisque, scallops accompanied by a surprising sardine juice with sea urchins, or pike-perch that will marry kiwi and artichoke...

    This menu is a real encounter for these two passionate people with strong gastronomic cultures.

    To accompany the menu, a food and wine pairing will be proposed to enhance the experience.

    Price : 135 euros with a glass of Champagne offered, water and hot drinks included (without the food and wine pairing)
    On January 18 & 19th 2023

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