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DJ Set on the rooftop

  • Molitor Summer festival 2023

    This year Molitor is offering a 100% festive programme as part of the Molitor Summer Festival - edition 2!

    Every Friday, a DJ will come and liven up the Solarium stage from 9pm. The programme has been designed by Signature Music to help you discover the new Parisian music scene. From the rooftop with a view of Paris and the iconic Molitor outdoor pool, you can also enjoy our tapas and cocktail menu created by Liqueur St-Germain - official supplier*.

    To dine before, during or after the event, the rooftop restaurant is open - reservation required HERE.

    Find here the program : 

    21 June - Fête de la Musique with Zosia
    23 June - with DFNSE 
    30 June - with Yuko Kakisawa 
    14 of July - with Poppie de Paris 
    21 of July - with Mel C > Booking HERE

    Solarium openning : 5pm
    Free admission on a first come, first served basis and does not guarantee a table.


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