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Spa by Clarins

Spa by Clarins is a true ode to escape...
An unforgettable experience in a temple dedicated to well-being and relaxation, where pampering becomes a matter of course thanks to a collection of customized treatments: signature or sports massages, cryotherapy, chiropractic, icoone - Roboderm® method....

"Beyond the water" signature

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  • Clarins and Molitor have created a unique and original massage for the face and body. A truly sensory and reassuring experience for all those who seek renewal, serenity and freshness.

    The combined face and body treatment that floods you with rejuvenating vitality. Using a sequence of aquatic movements carried out on a cushion of water, this treatment dissolves all tension: immerse yourself in an ocean of well-being.

    “ Beyond the water and the senses! A real moment of escape, thank you! ” Annabelle, client

The face by Clarins

Developed by Clarins for Molitor, all the face and body treatments have been designed in harmony with the location for an absolute release of tension.
We invite you to download the treatment card to see our complete range of treatments.

    • Expert youth treatment

      Whatever the age, this treatment visibly reduces the first wrinkles and existing ones and smooths your features. Your skin is firmer, more toned, your complexation more radiant.

    • Intense moisturising treatment

      Comfort treatment that intensely rehydrates the thirstiest of skins. Perfectly nourished and softened, the skin comes back to life and regains all its radiance.

    • Clarins men new skin energising treatment

      This energising facial is specially designed for male skin prone to external aggressions and irritated by shaving. It purifies, moisturises, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. A complete treatment that provides a deep feeling of immediate well-being: you look relaxed, rested and totally revitalised.

    • Aroma relaxing face treament

      Experience total, deep relaxation with a face and scalp massage, The benefits of the treatment are visible and, palpable; the skin is softer, satiny and more beautiful.

    • Matifying purity treatment

      Ideal for gently helping combination and oily skin to regain perfect balance. The skin is clearer, healthier, mattified. The skin texture is refined.

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Developed by Molitor teams in 2018, sports treatments have been developed, tested and validated with top athletes. A collection of 6 massages with precise movements found in the relevant disciplines: swimming, boxing, running, skiing, tennis, golf. For all high-level athletes or beginners, these treatments are adapted to the needs of your muscles.

  • Illustration Splash


    French swimmer specialising in backstroke events (50 and 100 m), five-time world and European Champion. Camille has won 3 World Champion titles in the 50-metre backstroke and one in the 100-metre backstroke, among other things.

  • Illustration Kick


    Professional boxer and multiple medal winner, including 10 French Champion titles in her category, 3-time European champion and crowned World Champion in 2008.

  • Illustration Sprint


    Athlete and multiple medal winner who won several medals and titles among them the indoor 200-metre gold medal at the World Championships in Birmingham in 2003.

  • Illustration Schuss


    French Freestyle Skiing Champion specialising in the moguls competition. He was notably the first Olympic Champion in the discipline in Albertville, in 1992; three-time World Champion and four-time overall winner of the Moguls World Cup.
    – on sale from December to March

  • Illustration Set & Match


    Tennis player who won a victory at Roland-Garros in 2014 and a final at Wimbledon in 2016. He has a total of 12 ATP titles out of twenty-one finals played, not forgetting his bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London.

  • Illustration Swing


    A great golf enthusiast. He was also World Champion in 1998 with the French football team.

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Specific treatments

  • Illustration Cryothérapie


    This treatment consists of exposing the body to extreme cold (-110 ° to -150°) for 3 minutes to create controlled hypothermia and trigger an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.
    Rates start at 50€ per session - 10 session package available.

  • Illustration Icoone


    Icoone technology is a revolutionary method that uses micro-stimulation of the connective tissue to give results-drive solutions on the face and body. It promotes lymphatic drainage, combats water retention and cellulite, increases collagen production and leaves the skin smoother and plumped up.
    Rates start at 60€ per session - package of 10 sessions available.

  • Illustration Osthéopathie


    Osteopathy is a manual therapy recognised ty the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is used to determine and manually treat mobility restrictions that can affect all structures in the human body.
    Price starting at 95€.

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