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  • Whether you need to practice, maintain yourself, workout or simply unravel the daily tensions, the Club Molitor coaches – all state graduates – are at your disposal to create a dedicated program and help you reach your physical goal.

    Molitor proposes a various amount of collective classes that will fulfill your needs.

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  • Sculpt Molitor

    Completely tone and shape your figure with or without the extras.

  • Training circuit

    Repeted and quick series of muscular reinforcement exercices.


    Strengthening class based on abs, thighs and glutes.


    30-minute abs- and glute-strengthening Flash Session.

  • KettelBell

    Strength training with weights.

  • Elastique Band

    Thighs, abs, glutes with elastics.

  • Mobility stretching

    Stretching and joint mobility work.

  • Swiss Ball

    Reinforcement class on a swiss ball


  • Fit Boxing

    Technical work on a punchbag involving feet and fists, against a background of cardio inspired by Kick Boxing.

  • Aero boxing

    Boxing class, learning of the basic moves of boxing


    Set of combat techniques to learn how to protect or defend yourself without a weapon.

  • Lady boxing

    Light-hearted classes to learn foot & fist techniques. Classes exclusively for women.

  • Core training

    Classes focussed on core muscles.


  • Cross training

    Fitness development through sequences of combined cardio exercises and strength training.

  • TRX

    High Intensity Interval Training.



    Group gymnastics lessons based on traditional Chinese medicine. The lessons take the form of physical exercises, stretching, stillness poses and mental visualisation. The aim of the course is to maintain the energy balance of the different organs of the body.

  • Pilates

    Abdominal wall and lower back reinforcement class

  • Stretching

    Stretching sessions


    Stretching and joint mobility exercises.


    Sequence of various cardio, strengthening and coordination exercises using a RHYTHM ladder.


  • M'Ballet

    Muscular and artistic training worthy of a ballet class, in a fitness version adapted to your level


    Set of gentle stretching exercises while seated or lying down

  • M'Barre

    Lightly choreographed, Pilates-style barre strength training class with supports such as balls, dumbbells and rubber bands. The movements are linked to rhythmic music.


  • Aqua palming

    Swim fin class

  • Aqua perf

    Swimming improvement

  • Aqua biking

    Biking in water

  • Aqua Morning

    Muscular warm-up in water

  • Aqua Trampo

    Aqua-gym and steps movements, you’ll find in this activity a draining effect

  • Aqua Slim

    Abs and legs work in the water

  • M'Paddle

    Strengthening of deep muscles through balance work on floating mattresses.

  • Before Baby Aqua

    Swimming classes especially for expectant mothers.


  • Vinyasa

    Vinyasa Yoga is defined as a series of dynamic movements initiated and aligned with the breath in a flowing sequence. It is free and creative and requires no special steps. The sequences are the result of the experience acquired by the teacher and are adaptable to the needs of each participant.

  • Hip Hop Yoga Flow

    Classes with sequences of dynamic choreographed movements to the beat of a hip hop playlist.

  • Yoga Yin

    Long-hold stretching exercise, combining slow, deep breaths and poses that must be held for several minutes.

  • Hatha Yoga

    Based on sequences of poses called ‘asanas’ in Sanskrit, Hatha Yoga is the most practiced discipline in Europe because it is aimed at everyone, from beginners to the more experienced. Associated with breath control and concentration, Hatha Yoga poses must be held for a sufficient length of time.


  • Aqua kids

    Playful class in water for kids


    A moment of relaxation and calm through different yoga poses. Concentrating, channelling and managing the emotions, reducing stress, having self-confidence. It’s also about getting to know your body better and improving your flexibility.

  • Classic Kids

    Preparation for the art of ballet with music from the world’s greatest composers.

  • 07:00 : Monday - Sculpt Molitor
  • 11:15 : Tuesday - Aqua Biking
  • Noon : Lunch time at 1929 !
  • 01:15 pm : Wednesday - Gi Gong
  • 01:15 pm : Thursday - Aqua trampo
  • 04:30 pm : Coffee time at 1929 !
  • 05:15 pm : Friday - Swissball
  • 10:15 am : Saturday - Cuisses Abdos Fessiers
  • Noon : Saturday - Self Defense
  • 04:15 pm : Sunday - Pilates
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  • Useful informations

    Gym : 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday / 8am - 8pm on week-ends
    Outdoor pool : From 01 November to 15 April: 07:00-20:00 weekdays and 08:00-20:00 weekends // From 16 April to 31 October: 07:00-21:45
    Indoor pool : From 01 November to 15 April: 07:00-21:45 // From 16 April to 31 October: 07:00-21:45 weekdays and 08:00-20:00 weekends
    1929 : 7am – 10pm every day
    Spa by Clarins : 10am – 8pm every day

    Address : 8 avenue de la Porte Molitor – 75016 Paris

    More informations & meeting with us :
    Phone: +33 01 56 07 08 80 | mail :

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