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Our Chefs

  • Photographie de Grégory Gbiorczyk

    GRÉGORY GBIORCZYK, Executive Chef of Molitor

    It is in the south of France, where he is originally from, that Grégory began his career. Early on, in the company of the women in his family, he discovered that he preferred playing with pots and pans rather than with trucks.

    He studied at the Avignon Hotel School while working in the family restaurant. He then went on to gain experience in various prestigious establishments such as the Château de la Messardière in Saint-Tropez and the Kilimandjaro in Courchevel. However, it was in Paris, alongside the great chefs, that he wanted to be. After patiently waiting, he eventually joined the brigade at Lucas Carton and quickly moved on to the George V in Paris, where he gained experience in high gastronomy and luxury cuisine. Later, at Le Bristol, through his hard work, he contributed to the acquisition of the first Michelin star for the restaurant "114" alongside Eric Frechon.

    In 2016, Grégory became the Executive Chef of the Union du Cercle Interallié, where he spent three wonderful and enriching years. Finally, he decided to embark on new adventures, but due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, things did not go as planned. However, Grégory is a resilient personality and quickly joined new establishments that allowed him to explore another facet of his profession.

    And now, in 2023, he has joined Molitor. "Why Molitor? There is something sparkling and shimmering about this unique establishment! What a dream!".

    As the Executive Chef, Grégory Gbiorczyk manages the Brasserie Molitor, the banquet hall, the rooftop, and room service.

  • Photographie de Louise Riot


    The young Chef cut her teeth at Grégoire Ferrandi and EBP, before joining the kitchens of the Westin, Violon d’Ingres and The Intercontinental where she perfected her technique, made her mark within award-winning establishments where she learned rigour, ‘platescaping’, the bread and butter of a service... Of all these experiences, the key one would be her decisive meeting with Chef Dominique Costa. Both from a professional point of view and on a personal level, Louise learned alongside this Chef who very quickly took her under his wing, supported her, pushed her, to finally bring her to the Peninsula Paris as chef de partie, where she would stay for 2 years.

    But Louise wanted to travel and left Paris. She then went to Lyon where she spent a year at the Cour des Loges, working under Chef Alexandre Fabregat as sous-Chef. A rewarding experience that enables her to unleash her creativity and begin to lay the groundwork for her future career outside Palaces.

    On her return to Paris in 2020, Chef Martin Simolka called her to rejoin the team at Molitor as Sou-Chef, then Chef from January 2022. As soon as she arrived, Louise enthusiastically throws herself into ‘crewing’ the recreation of Molitor as an ocean-going liner: from Brasserie to banqueting, but also the Rooftop in the summer, through to room service; so many areas of interaction for the young Chef. She quickly fell in love with the place as much for its infrastructure as for the teams she worked with.

    A young woman with the sunny personality, laughing eyes and a devastating smile, advocates less sugar and more simplicity and delicacy. She does her research, draws inspiration and innovates to get as close as possible to the product, using it in all its complexity.

    Her mother is from Martinique and her father is from Brittany and Louise uses the richness of her two cultures to blend all the flavours in her creations.

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