Illustration d'arrière plan

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  • Illustration de NEBAY Street and graffiti artist Nebay’s field of action is the urban landscape and the canvases he creates in his workshop. 

    He has been an active member of the JCT collective (I’m still running!) since 1987. In 2002 he travelled through Russia, Mongolia and China and so took his work to other continents and cultures. 
    In 2005 in Paris, he hijacked brands and advertising poster slogans, particularly for luxury brands, by going down the humorous path. The urban space is punctuated with his social messages and the incongruous character he gives to some of his creations. Similar to the trend for action painting, a technique beloved by Pollock, from whom he borrowed the famous drip technique, along with flops, blocks and tags, all these borrowed techniques are used by the artist.   

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