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Monsieur CHAT

  • Illustration de Monsieur CHAT

    Real name Thoma Vuille, the French-Swiss artist has been painting walls with his grinning yellow cat since 1997. Who is M.CHAT ? The work or the artist ? Maybe it’s both the work and the artist ? This cat, alone or accompanied, with or without wings, strolled along the streets of Orleans before arriving in the capital. He is an urban ode to joy and optimism, covering the metro or a wall in the street, speaking directly to passers-by. The artist thought him up in a move that encompasses street art, neighbourhood culture and kinship. Pared-back, simple, with clean lines, this drawing has risen to the rank of symbol. An icon with an identity so pronounced that variations are allowed. So, M.CHAT can change colour and posture and always remains true to himself.  One of the peculiarities of this city wildcat is to be represented in places that then seem inaccessible, which explains how useful it is for a cat to be able fly. With his cartoon-like appearance, he is reminiscent of the mischievous Cheshire Cat that appears in the Lewis Carroll book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with the same communicative smile that never fails, just like the art of Thoma Vuille.

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