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  • Illustration de TORE

    Born in 1972, Tore has been tagging since 1989 in the 13th district of Paris, the Mecca of urban art.
    He regularly left his calling card on streets, metros, roofs and catacombs. He painted his first visuals on recycled materials in 1992 and continued this occasional work on canvas. He knew that transient street work is often unrewarding. Tired of constant court appearances, but convinced that this minor art form would one day become major, he decided to officially earn his living from art and offered frescoes, illustrations, logos for show business, the community and the press. He practices real graffiti, without the help of technology, basically executed using spray paint.  
    He worked both inside and outside ‘La Tour Paris 13’ and expanded his exhibitions and frescoes on the themes of lettering and physiognomy, often in collaboration with the City of Paris and prestigious art auction houses.  

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