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  • Illustration de PEST

    Born in the Paris suburbs in 1973, PEST has a love of hip hop and more specifically late 80s graffiti. His signature quickly became widespread on RER Line B trains which serve the capital’s wastelands. 

    In 1992, he created his P19 crew, which became one of the major crews for ‘graffik’ landscape in France and Europe, famous and recognised for the quality of their creations, executed both in the open and at night, both legally and illegally.   
    His personal style is a perfect mix of influences such as New York Classic and Europe Old School, which highlight the letters and especially their dynamics and balance, which could be defined as the ‘flow’. 

    As a result of his many trips, discoveries and encounters, he became interested in other forms of writing such as calligraphy, but always with the same perfectionist search for aesthetics combined with balance and dynamism for his compositions.   

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