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  • Illustration de THEO LOPEZ

    Théo Lopez trained as a graphic designer and from a very early age took an artistic approach to his work. In 2008, a meeting with Collectif 9ème Concept encouraged him to make a decisive shift towards the pictorial.  Surrounded by established artists and driven by a growing curiosity following his many trips to Russia, Israel and the United States, he extended his vision beyond his original aspirations. At 27 years of age, he shares his unique world through the keenness of his vision.  
    At the beginning he produced works awash with patterns and optical effects, but today his creative muse is guided by a need to get back to basics, to the very essence of drawing, just like the Russian Constructivists, European Lyrical Abstraction, American Abstract Expressionism or his Graffuturist contemporaries. He creates poetry when working with materials, line and colour. Experimentation is an integral part of the artist’s creative process. So, creating a work constantly oscillates between two opposing but complementary concepts: thought and spontaneity. His first work, which was spontaneous and intuitive, was formed from curved random writing and gestures that he then structured with straight lines and geometric shapes.   
    This repeated process brings about a transformation. The artist does not follow a pre-defined path, painting evolves in real time. Cutting, breaking, tracing, structuring, covering, adding, scratching, hiding, revealing. Théo Lopez conceives painting like a sculptor, playing with randomness and causing an accident to be inspired by it. Hybrid poetry comes from metamorphosis. The different layers meld together, the colours interact, the lines vibrate and answer each other, the accumulated painting emerges in relief.  

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