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  • Illustration de RESO

    The work of Cédric Lascours, aka Reso, is the perfect illustration of the progress of graffiti’s visual culture. The Father of Wildstyle, the artist now indulges in abstract lettering in search of  free, exuberant, energetic movement.

    The name as a reference, the letter as support, abandonment of the original meaning in favour of an assumed abstraction. Reso lets his spontaneity express itself freely to enable only the essence of the letter - the curve - to speak. Cédric lets the paintbrush, the Posca pen, the spray can lead the way letting movement take centre stage.  

    From this intuitive work emerge energy, movement, the evolution of the gesture, the intensity of a trajectory, life enriched with human and artistic experiences, representing the man beyond the artist.  
    Reso began new, more accomplished work during his residency at Jardin rouge, in search of material and texture. 

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