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  • Illustration de KELKIN

    This young, 23-year-old, self-styled Artist-Artisan-Painter has a thirst for creativity and an inexhaustible supply of artistic expression. He sees his life as ‘Art’ in its own right, and only lives for that.  

    He is constantly seeking to create Art, totally, without barriers or restrictive rules. He says he lets his hand guide him without the brakes of logic or reason, and lets his emotions and sensitivity express themselves, which pushes him towards a constant search for new textures, other materials and improbable visual effects.  

    Endowed with extreme curiosity and imagination connected to universal creation, Kelkin explores and exploits every nook and cranny of his dreams and all his ‘possibles’ perpetually nourishing his desire for experimentation.   
    His works are filled with mystical symbols, abstract yet tangible patterns, subliminal and transcendental messages, without ever getting lost in the complexity of his artistic labyrinth.  

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