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  • Illustration de LEGZ

    Born in Paris in 1974, lives and works in the Paris suburbs.

    Legz came out of the Paris graffiti scene in the 1990s. Mimicking his elders, he explored the different facets of ‘writing’ with a predilection for wasteland, motorways and railways in greater Paris.

    Alongside practicing this traditional kind of graffiti, from 1993 he experimented with a very personal style, focussing on curved shapes, which his friends have dubbed ‘the spaghetti style’. It is an abstract style that he usually paints in chrome and black in abandoned places, devoid of any graffiti. Legz is a pioneer of a discipline that mixes urban exploration, painting and photography, and is the privileged witness of the urban mutations of his environment. Giving the ruins he visits one last chance at life, he strives to highlight the traces of a dying past by integrating into his painting the atmosphere and materials that time has left behind. A nostalgic and poetic art that reveals the ephemeral aspect of past existences in an urban landscape systematically doomed to destruction.

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